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curtis' father. the bombshell accusations against meg whitman and the information being released today. good morning. it's thursday, september 30. i'm julie watts. sydnie is off this week. take a quick look at traffic and weather this morning. starting off with tracy, a look at some cooler temperatures on the way? >> oh, yeah. i'm sure many people are happy about this additional cooldown. inland locations today, you are finally getting in on the action. 88 today in concord, 92 in livermore, which hit 102 heading into the weekend it's the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. partly cloudy conditions at the park. they have mc hammer purchasing on friday and i thought mc hammer? and i said to myself, he is hardly strictly bluegrass, you know? that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. coming up in the next half hour, more than 10 million high chairs, tricycles and toys are recalled by fisher-price. plus, gas lines in oakland are yesterday. i know you're happy. lower 80s in napa as well as in santa rosa. 80 degrees in vallejo. 77 in san rafael. 75 in oakland. 70 degrees in san francisco. 66 in pacifica. 84 san jose. today we cool down inland, a little more for the bay and also along the coastline. will the cooldown continue through the weekend? you know the weekend just a couple of days away. we'll take a look at your seven- day forecast coming up. elizabeth? >> yes? >> traffic, how's it going? monitored 24 hours a day but what pg&e says about preventing an explosion there. that's coming up. more evidence is expected today in the building political case against meg whitman. did she know whether or not her housekeeper was here he will legally? also some allegations of emotional and financial abuse. we'll talk about it coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> well, in vallejo we have air traffic alert. westbound 37 all lanes of westbound are still shut down between fairgrounds drive and highway 29. so this stretch right here. there was an accident with a big rig that dropped a load of cable, then four separate accidents in the stretch so we just got an update from chp. in another 20 minutes or so they should get all lanes open. but in the meantime, they are detouring traffic off to fairgrounds drive. so watch out for that. that is our only problem spot so far. the rest of the bay area is smooth sailing. we'll have a full look in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. breaking news this morning. after the death of a hollywood legend, tony curtis died last night. a coroner's office in las vegas said he died of cardiac arrest. he is the father of jaime le curtis. he was 85.
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anne makovec reports from atherton with more on the allegations of meg whitman's illegal immigrant made and reactions from the republican gubernatorial candidate reporter: the big question is whether or not meg whitman knew that her housekeeper was an undocumented inagreement. yesterday the maid laid out her side of the story that after working for whitman for nine years she came to meg to reveal to meg that she was in the u.s. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. illegally. diaz's lawyer gloria allred said whitman already knew that because she had received letters from the fed questioning the social security number and that whitman should check on it but she didn't follow up. >> we were stunned, just amazed and we said, gosh, nicky, we are going to have to let you go. that is our you know -- that's our legal obligation as on employer. we are going to have to let you interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. your realtime captioner is
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go. >> we have no job, no schools, no place to live, and for that reason, we made a decision to come here. i told her that she knew that and i don't have papers to work here and i need her help. >> reporter: the other allegations against whitman that she emotionally and financially abused the housekeeper. diaz says that she was hired to linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. new thismorning,, 1950s movie heartthrob tony curtis has died. it's meg whitman versus an undocumented immigrant. the accusations shaking up the governor's race and today there will be more to the story. good morning, it's thursday, september 30. i'm julie watts. sydnie kohara has this week off. you can expect it to be a little cooler today especially near the bay along the coast. let's start off with a look at our forecast with tracy work 15 hours a week for 23 bucks an hour. but that her duties were more than she could do in 15 hours and that she worked a number of hours unpaid. that could lead to a new set of court proceedings if diaz ends up pursuing it. of course, the court of public opinion here is a different matter entirely. we do have a little election going on in november. so that is going to be something we are going to be talking about in the next half hour, what the brown campaign has to say about all of this. julie. humphrey. >> thank you. here's a look outside this morning. sunrise still coming around the 7:00 hour but here's a look toward the bay bridge. we have a whole lot more fog expected this morning for
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>> our question of the day does have to do with this story we'll talk more about that coming up. anne makovec in atherton this morning, thank you very much. today we'll get an even closer look at the san bruno pipeline explosion site. the ntsb is releasing pictures of the ruptured pipeline. all three pieces are currently in virginia for examination. the blast killed 8 people and destroyed numerous homes. a fifth person has been charged with posing as a victim of that pipeline explosion in order to get help. 51-year-old daniel stansbury of los altos has pled not guilty to seven charges including identity theft and falsely claiming aid. prosecutors say he went to a resource center for blast victims used a false name and said he lived in the crestmoor neighborhood. he then allegedly accepted more than $2,000 in gift cards. prosecutors also say he spent nine nights in hilton hotels paid for by pg&e.
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the off again on again execution is now off again and it will be for some time. albert greenwood brown was scheduled to be put to death tonight. it would have been california's first execution in nearly five years. but the state supreme court denied a request by the state to begin using new procedures for lethal injection. now the state won't be able to execute brown until 2011 because california's supply of lethal injection drugs expires tomorrow. a new supply won't arrive until next year. a bay area mom is in jail this morning accused of having sex with a minor. she turned herself in last night. the victim between the ages of 15 and 17. police say parents contacted them after noticing suspicious behavior between their teen and the 47-year-old who is a family friend. authorities seized computer equipment and phones from her home last night. to imnow 5:05. let's check traffic and weather. this time we start off with elizabeth keeping an eye on an
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accident in vallejo. good morning, elizabeth. >> hey, good morning, julie. yeah. we'll go out there in just a minute where we still have a traffic alert with the westbound lanes of highway 37. first a quick look at 880 through fremont. this is right there by stevenson boulevard. traffic moving fine. headlights northbound and looks good all the way towards union city and hayward. we still have traffic alert in effect in vallejo. all lanes westbound 37 are closed between fairgrounds drive and highway 29. chp says give it another 20 minutes or so for them to clean it up. the accident involved a big israel that spilled cable in the roadway and then four more separate accidents in the same area. so huge problems earlier this morning but it is in the clearing stages which is the good news. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> is it hot in san francisco overnight? [ laughter ] >> you are the only one saying it was hot again last night! i'm telling her, it's her
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building. no, it definitely cooled off yesterday, elizabeth! and it's going to cool off a little bit more today. so out the door, along the coastline this morning from the upper 40s to the mid-50s, low clouds and fog. some fog in the bay this morning. 52 to 65 degrees where you will run into less cloud coverage. mostly clear conditions. for this afternoon, mostly sunny and not as hot. we continue to back off on those temperatures. up to the lower 90s today inland. mid-70s expected around the bay with sunshine and mild temperatures. along the coastline, low clouds and sun. we'll take a look at a few bay area cities and tell you how cool they will be today coming up. back to you. >> thank you. and it's now official. the device that can be installed in your car windshield. plus, a roadblock to serving up healthy school lunches. why lawmakers had a change of heart and voted against it.
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>> it's all about jamming at the gym. the new fitness craze here in the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit.
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the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now. accident in vallejo shut down westbound 37 between fairgrounds drive and 29. we have more on that and traffic in 6 minutes. thank you, elizabeth. something to consider as you drive this morning. a recording device in your car windshield. it's nabil that was just signed by the -- in a bill that was just signed by the governor. it can save video and audio for
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up to 30 seconds after a crash. it's designed to reduce accidents. other states that have done this have reduced accident claims by 80%. the governor has to decide on another bill by the end of the day today to allow california students to graduate high school without taking a single foreign language class. students would have the choice of taking a vocational education class instead of language or fine arts. teachers fought that bill saying those courses help students compete in a global economy. well, festival in los angeles county will be the unlikely scene of a gun owners rights protest. activists plan to wear unloaded weapons this weekend to the hometown fair in manhattan beach. it's in an effort to show support for their right to carry guns. under california law, guns can be carried in public if the ammunition is kept separately. however, a gun-free zone act prohibits people from carrying those guns within 1,000 feet of
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schools. this festival site is near a church that operates a school. >> standing on the edge right here. if i was to step a few feet over here, i would become a criminal. >> i think it's an odd place to try and promote the cause. >> board that runs the fair recently added guns to the list of items banned at the event. it already includes skateboards, in-line skates and dogs. we talked about it earlier. the meg whitman scandal involving her former maid. she said the woman lied about her immigration status. the maid said whitman knew for years she was an illegal immigrant and was fired. would you say it's a case of whitman exposed or housekeeper used as a pawn of politics? we want to hear your comments. send them to or you can post your answers on our facebook page. we're also on twitter.
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time now 5:12. unraveling the mystery about adhd. the new cause researchers are now looking into. and get ready to pay more for that stamp. the price increase that's being proposed today. and is it too early to already start talking about the weekend? of course not! [ laughter ] >> you ask me, it's never too early. this weekend friday and sacramento oktoberfest and it is going on in -- friday at sacramento, octobercreekfest, going on friday and saturday. plenty of sunshine expected saturday with a temperature of 80 degrees. we'll have more weather coming up. ,,,,
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vallejo, we have an accident in lanes. westbound 37 right here before you hit highway 29. all lanes of westbound 237 have been shut down since about 3:45 this morning when a big rig was carrying a load of cable and there were four separate accidents in the area. so right now, crews are out there. they are trying to cut up the cable. they can clear it from the road and hopefully get these lanes re-opened. they had told us they were hoping to have the traffic alert cleared cancelled by
5:17 am
about 5:20? so we are just waiting now to see if that's the case but they are still cleaning up this mess. and in the meantime, traffic is being diverted off to fairgrounds drive. elsewhere, pretty quiet across the bay area. as you cross the dumbarton bridge, we had word of a stall on the high-rise of westbound 84 but not causing any big delays all the way approaching the toll plaza to the menlo park side of the bridge. all the approaches to the bay bridge still look good. ignore that one 0 miles per hour sign. these sensors are constantly updating so that one is just up dating right there but as you can see traffic very light heading into san francisco. we have a giants game taking on arizona at 12:45, lunchtime game so could cause some delays around the embarcadero. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. we'll see if we can cool things off for elizabeth so she can get some rest. outdoors right now 50s and 60s,
5:18 am
and patchy fog in the valleys. we haven't seen that for the past couple of mornings. around the bay, from 52 to 60 degrees and partly cloudy conditions and also a few areas of fog. fog along the coastline this morning. this afternoon things kicking up again. temperatures mostly sunny not as hot temperatures in the lower 90s. around the bay, the mid-70s with sunshine and mild temperatures. and low clouds and some sunshine for the coastline but definitely cooling down a bit. let's speak of that cooldown. livermore yesterday hit another record high temperature, 102. well, today livermore, you're cooling down. still in the 90s but at least 10 degrees lower than yesterday's highs. temperatures also going down in san jose from 95 to 84. san rafael from 91 to 77. and san francisco we are expecting not as much of a cooldown. seven-day forecast, here we go. expecting a continued cooldown well through the weekend and then by the time we hit the
5:19 am
beginning of next week we'll see temperatures starting to reassert themselves. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. time now 5:18. here's a look at some of the stories we're following for you this morning. hollywood is in mourning over the death of tony curtis the father of jamie lee curtis. a coroner's office in los angeles said he died of cardiac arrest last night. he was 85. attorney glor why allred will hold a press conference today in the case of meg whitman and her former maid. she is expected to release evidence to support allegations that whitman knew the maid was an illegal immigrant. the gubernatorial candidate insists that she didn't know the woman was here illegally. we should learn more today about the san bruno pipeline explosion. the ntsb is releasing pictures of the ruptured pipeline. all three pieces are currently in virginia for examination. a new study may suggest that adhd is genetic. compared to other children,
5:20 am
researchers say adhd kids are twice as likely to have missing or extra chromosomes but they say it's too early to effect a diagnosis or treatment. legislation to improve school lunches has stalled in congress. more than 100 democrats in the house switched their votes from yes to no on this child nutrition bill. they were protesting a proposal to use future funding for food stamps to pay for that program. the senate has already passed a bill with that provision. time now 5:20. the days of pushups and chinups are over. the new fitness craze that has people jamming. plus, breaking down the senate race in california. who has the lead in the latest polls? lysol believes that kids shouldn't miss school days during cold and flu season. that's why we started a mission for health. by going beyond clean surfaces to healthy surfaces. by making a healthy way to wash hands.
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and even by working with a pediatrician to develop lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools. when you use lysol, you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit
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carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary.
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bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. 70 degrees in san francisco. 57 in oakland. 834 in san jose. definitely cooler today in the santa clara valley. and well in the east bay today, the lower 90s. 90 in fairfield and antioch and pleasanton. so today we cool down even more. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast coming up. thank you, tracy. well, it seems like every time you turn around there is a new
5:24 am
fitness craze. the latest trend takes its cue from the nightclub dance floor. juliette goodrich shows us people are getting down and shedding pounds. reporter: traditional working out, a typical scene at the gym, unless you would rather turn fitness into one big party. >> are you ready to party! >> whoo! >> reporter: meet u-jam fitness instructor donny. and his u-jam followers. >> whoo! >> it's a party. it's a party. we try to incorporate fitness classes itself. we are coming to party to have a good time. >> reporter: it's a combination of party house music, strobe lights, choreographed dance moves, and yes, the infamous nightclub boxes to u-jam on. >> every saturday morning there's parties, thursday night, wednesday night, anytime there is a u-jam class it's so much fun. >> reporter: party without the
5:25 am
nightclub scene and that's what u-jam followers like. >> when you have a club and you start dancing you start sweating you know you get self- conscious. here everybody is just drenched having a great time and it's really fun. >> this is my first time doing this class. >> obviously. >> i'm convinced. you don't have to know the moves. you just need a lot of energy and stairs. >> reporter: and u-jamers have seen some dramatic results. >> when i started i was 260 pounds. i couldn't lift my legs but it was just fun having the energy and all that stuff. and right now, i'm 190 pounds. >> reporter: and the party reaches a whole new level when u-jammers decide to ditch the the aerobic wear for fancy outfits. >> big makeup and big hair. >> it's two hours long like a nightclub fitness party. >> saturday night two hours and you're partying all night, yeah. it's really fun. you sweat and don't even know it. >> reporter: juliette goodrich cbs 5. >> time now 5:25.
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how safe are you in the wake of the san bruno blast? the warning pg&e is giving to one bay area city. plus, it's in the mail but at a higher price. the increase that could soon pay for stamps. and more evidence is expected today in the building political case meg whitman versus her housekeeper. did she know that housekeeper was working illegally? we'll hear what the brown campaign has to say coming up next. ,, i inherited my father's '69 norton commando. it's been a dream of mine to restore it. and it's my dream for him to finish it. frank has something great to save up for. this is my dad. isn't that cool? and a very understanding girlfriend. i showed him a wells fargo
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sydnie is on vacation this week. we've just learned there will be no classes at all ne san jose's la good morning. it's thursday, september 30. i'm julie watts. sydnie kohara is on vacation this week. there will be no classes next week in san jose's largest school district. san jose unified will be on furlough the entire week as a cost-cutting measure. we checked the district website this morning. it says labor groups have agreed to the unpaid week off. there will be no district business of any kind next week except for high school athletics. the district says the five-day furlough will still save about $5 million. so other drastic measures will have to be taken. more documents are expected to be released today in the controversy over meg whitman's
5:30 am
former maid. anne makovec is in atherton with more on the allegations and the reaction from the republican gubernatorial candidate. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. the big question this morning seems to be whether or not meg whitman actually knew that her housekeeper was an undocumented worker. at a press conference yesterday, nicky diaz tearfully told her side of the story of being fired after nine years of service to whitman. diaz's lawyer, gloria allred, alleges that whitman already knew that diaz was undocumented because she had received letters from the feds questioning diaz's social security number and that whitman told diaz to check on it but then never followed up with her. then one day this summer, diaz came to whitman to talk about her illegal status. here's the response she says she got. [ crying ] >> you don't know me and i have never seen you. and you have never seen me, she yelled, understand me? >> nicky was a friend of our
5:31 am
family for nine years. she was in many ways a member our extended family. and i am -- i feel badly for her, you know, she's being manipulated i think and i'm sorry about that. >> reporter: the other allegations against whitman that she emotionally and financially abused her housekeeper, diaz says she was hired to work for 15 hours a week for $23 an hour but her duties were more than she could do in 15 hours. the timing isn't good for whitman's campaign. people believe the house keeper is a political pawn. her lawyer is a known jerry brown supporter. here's what brown's campaign says about it. "after more than a year of whitman demanding immigration policy that holds employers accountable, we learn that accountability doesn't extend to her own actions." and on saturday, speaking of timing, whitman and brown are set to have a debate in front of latino reporters in fresno and the latino vote is going to
5:32 am
be very important in this gubernatorial race. so we'll see what kind of supposed evidence comes out today. >> anne makovec in atherton this morning, that's of course where meg whitman lives, thank you very much, anne. we appreciate it. the deadly explosion in san bruno is about to get more clear this morning. the ntsb is releasing pictures of the ruptured pipeline. all three pieces are currently in virginia for examination. the blast killed eight people and destroyed numerous homes. it's not clear whether the city of oakland is safe from a potential gas explosion like the one three weeks ago in san bruno. this morning's tribune says there are no open locations on pg&e's list of the 100 pipeline segments that need the extra inspections or repairs. but a spokesman for the san francisco-based utility could not say whether the city was safe from pipeline problems. the oakland lines run along the west side of interstate 880 and are said to be monitored 24 hours a day. well, in just a few hours a bay area firefighter who was
5:33 am
hurt in a wildfire will go under the knife. the operation is expected to improve the condition of the man. he is in stable condition and is able to take short walks. ben was one of about 300 firefighters who tackled a fire in bodega on said. he is expected to stay in the hospital for another two weeks. a death row inmate won't be executed anytime soon. albert greenwood brown was scheduled to be put to death tonight. it would have been california's first execution in nearly five years but the state superior court denied a state request to begin using new procedures for lethal injection. now the state won't be able to execute brown until 2011 because california's supply of the lethal injection drug expires tomorrow. a new supply won't arrive until next year. a 47-year-old los gatos woman faces charges of having unlawful sex with a minor. police say sarah cole a mother of four turned herself in last
5:34 am
night. last week authorities seized phones and computer equipment from her home. she is accused of having sex with someone between the age of 15 and 17 years old. investigators say the teen's parents contacted them after noticing suspicious behavior between the two. cole was a family friend. >> we belief it was probably an isolated -- we believe it was probably an isolated case so we're not concerned for the safety of other individuals at this point unless other information comes out. >> cole made news as a victim herself three years ago when she was struck by a drunk driver and severely injured. the judge who deemed prop 8 unconstitutional is retiring at the end of the year. 66-year-old judge vaughn walker has been a federal judge for more than two decades. his ruling that struck down the banff gay marriage is being challenged in the federal appeals court. new numbers are just out highlighting the senate race in
5:35 am
california this morning. this is from the public policy institute of california. 42% of respondents are in favor of democrat barbara boxer. 37% are behind republican carly fiorina while 17% are undecided. both candidate squared off yesterday for the second time. the first was earlier this month in moraga. this time the debate was held on public radio. fiorina said boxer was an ineffective legislator who accomplished very little during her 28 years in the senate. boxer fired back saying fiorina's budget recommendations would be a disaster for california. 5:35. got a check of traffic and weather. how's the commute? >> well, our big problem is still in vallejo where a big rig very early this morning lost a load of metal cable. both lanes of westbound 37 are shut down between fairgrounds drive and highway 29. you can see the backup there on our sensors where that stretch
5:36 am
is closed right there before you reach the highway 29 freeway. so traffic is being diverted off at fairgrounds drive. use american canyon as an alternate. they were hoping to get that stretch re-opened by 5:20:00 a.m. obviously that is not the case. we have now passed that. so no new estimated time when they are going to get those westbound lanes reaped. in the meantime, richmond/san rafael bridge that doesn't look too bad. it's a close alternative. there is a look at westbound 580 traffic heading past san quentin and mass transit is all running on time as well for bart, ace, muni, caltrain. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. well, we cool off just a little bet more today inland locations will finally get in on the action. 102 yesterday in livermore, 95 in san jose, 91 in san rafael, 73 in san francisco. take a look at today's highs. 92 livermore, that's 10 degrees cooler. 84 in san jose, 11. 77 in san rafael, 14.
5:37 am
that's a double dip. and temperatures 3 degrees cooler in san francisco. so here's some more locations with today's highs in 83 in napa, 82 in santa rosa, 88 concord, 92 livermore. 80 redwood city. today we are cooling down. looks like the cooler weather may extend through the weekend. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. there is heavy rain and widespread flooding along the coast of north carolina today as the remnants of a tropical storm interact with a second weather system. tropical storm nicole drenched the florida keys yesterday. most people tried not to drive and took shelter where they could including a sports bar. >> get informed about the weather and be together. talk. discuss, communicate. have fun. have a good time. have a few beers and wings. >> the storm has now moved
5:38 am
north and the governor of north carolina has declared a state of emergency. forecasters expect 7" or more of rain today on top of 15" that have already fallen this week. flood watches are in effect this morning across the eastern parts of the state. for the second straight morning former president jimmy carter is waking up in the hospital. doctors say he likely suffered from a viral infection. on tuesday the 85-year-old was rushed to a cleveland hospital with an upset stomach. officials say his illness is now clearing up. we are expecting an undate on his condition today. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is set to testify today at a hearing before the senate banking committee. he will discuss how his agency is working closely with other regulators to strengthen financial overhaul rules. new financial regulations went into effect in july but there are some gaps in those rules so it's up to the agencies to add more substance to them. congress is now in recess
5:39 am
and that means federal lawmakers are in full campaign mode. but as tara mergener shows us, a few have unfinished business with the president. reporter: president obama huddles with top congressional democrats later today for one final pre-election meeting before lawmakers hit the campaign trail. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: overnight, congress approved a stop-gap spending bill to keep the government running. but critics say lawmakers went on recess without addressing controversial issues that might cost them votes. >> washington democrats would go campaign to try and save their own jobs while doing nothing to safety jobs of working americans. >> reporter: republicans are furious that no vote was scheduled to extend sweeping bush era tax cuts that expire at the end of the year. >> the reason they're not bringing this up for a vote is because we have the votes in the house and senate to extend all of the current tax rates. >> reporter: president obama and democrats want to extend tax cuts only to families
5:40 am
making less than $250,000 a year. >> the middle class will have a tax cut. >> reporter: president obama says the gop's plan to continue tax cuts for high income americans would add one trillion dollars to the federal deficit. >> what they are selling is the same thing that they sold back in 2000 and 2001 which is you could slash taxes including for the wealthiest americans and somehow that's not going to affect anything. and that's just not how it works. >> reporter: with all 435 house and 37 senate seats up for grabs in november, voters will get a chance to show president obama and congress which party they believe is headed in the right direction. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. the new jobless report that's just been released. how americans are dealing one employment. cross your fingers. the magic number for the giants to clinch a play-off spot.
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♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv.
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they were able to open one lane of westbound 37 in vallejo an accident before 29 around 3:45 this morning a big rig lost its load of cables. this traffic alert is in affect. one lane open, one lane blocked so american canyon may be a good alternate. a new accident westbound 580 approaching hacienda. you can see how slow it is right there on those westbound lanes of 580 right before you
5:44 am
reach 680. car on fire another accident as well so starting to cause delays to our drive time. 15 minutes on westbound 580 out of the altamont pass towards the dublin interchange. looks like one lane at least is blocked. mass transit is on time. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. the forecast has had record high temperatures. today it's all about the continued coldown. out the door this morning, mostly clear conditions with some patchy fog being reported. that's inland with 52 to 65 degrees expected. around the bay, 52 to 60 degrees. partly cloudy and areas of fog and low clouds and fog along the coastline. if you are traveling to the east coast this morning, we do have delays on departures for newark, new jersey. and also philadelphia. philadelphia around two hours.
5:45 am
newark around three hours. that's because of that storm system left over fro tropical storm nicole. east bay locations, from 102 to 92. 92 in antioch and brentwood. 88 danville and pleasant hill. along the bay today mid-70s in oakland. 76 san leandro. 70 in berkeley. north bay location lower 80s in petaluma, sonoma and napa. upper 70s in san rafael, san anselmo. mid-70s in sausalito and 70 in san francisco. so today we cool down inland and through the weekend. friday, saturday and sunday, cooling down for the bay and the coast. that's a look at your weather.
5:46 am
back up to you. >> thank you. new this morning, fisher- price is recalling more than 10 million items for kids because the company feels they are not safe. the recall covers 7 million trikes and tough trikes for toddlers. the government says at least 10 kids have been hurt. fisher-price is also recalling more than a million high chairs. they include the healthy care easy clean and close to me models. 7 children were hurt and required stitchers because of them. 3million toys are being recalled because of the choking hazard. well, let's check in with today's top stories. the hollywood legend is dead this morning. tony curtis passed away last night. he was the father of jamie lee curtis and, of course, a famous actor. the coroner says he died of cardiac arrest. he was 85. bottom shell evidence is expected to be re-- bombshell evidence is expected to be released today agains
5:47 am
republican meg whitman. whitman didn't know her maid was here illegally. we are getting a better picture in the highly contested race for senate. a new poll shows democrat barbara boxer holds a slight 5% lead over republican carly fiorina. both candidates held a radio debate yesterday. a little more than two hours from now, the nation will find out if the cost of a postage stamp will go up yet again. the postal regulatory commission will hold a news conference in washington regarding the u.s. postal service's request for a two- cent increase. that would bring the cost of a standard first class postage stamp to 46 cents. the postal service lost $3.8 billion last year. and it's on track to lose $7 billion both this year and next year. jobless numbers are just in. they show that applications for unemployment benefits fell last
5:48 am
week for the third time in four week, a sign that employers are cutting fewer jobs. the u.s. labor department says initial claims for aid fell by 16,000 to 450,000. the drop is larger than wall street analysts expected. and after 50 years in business, a 7up bottling plant in vallejo will close for good next month. 90 people work at the soda facility, which will end production on october 18. some employees may be transferred to other plants in petaluma, san leandro or sacramento. but others will be laid off with severance packages. many of the affected employees will have worked there for decades. >> i think it's going to be pretty hard for some of these people. you know? not having a job and they have been here a while. some of the people being here 8, 10 years may not have jobs. >> 7 up has been part of the dr. pepper snapple company for the past four years. the company says it was a
5:49 am
difficult decision to leave vallejo. and it's yet another blow to the financially troubled city where the unemployment rate is almost 15%. time now 5:49. a play-off drought for the giants could soon be history. the magic number as the regular season winds down. plus, love hurts. the scary effect doctors say rejection has on your heart. giants to clinch a i don't feel my age. and i don't want my skin to show it. (announcer) gold bond ultimate restoring lotion. coq10 helps skin renew itself. gold bond ultimate restoring.
5:50 am
when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen.
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get a free samsung intensity, a free blackberry bold or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends september 30th. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. plenty of fog around the city. we'll have the forecast coming up in a bit.
5:52 am
cooler temperatures, what tracy is telling us. in the meantime, cross your fingers. the magic number for the san francisco giants the clinch the play-off spot, 3. it would be the first post-season appearance since 2003. they started slow against the diamondbacks last night. after that, it was all san francisco after the 1st inning. they win 3-1 and are now up two games on san diego padres. >> the giants fans losing in the play-offs would be heartbreaking and so can rejection be heartbreaking. a study finds rejection can stop your heart. researchers gathered up 22 test subjects showing them pictures of other people who are also supposedly seeing pictures of them and when the research group was told that they were rejected based on their looks, their hearts skipped a beat. read a book and embarrass
5:53 am
your teacher. that was the objective of a reading challenge at wyoming elementary school. the students who read the books had the teacher do whatever stunts they did. a p.e. coach milked a goat and drank it. one was duct tape to the wall and another had caramel and feathers put on her. >> imagine they are creative they can go anywhere if they are good leaders. >> the students read 40,000 minutes. fun way to get them to read. it's a topic people are talking about right now. meg whitman and the scandal involving her former maid. whitman says the woman lied about her immigration status. the maid said whitman knew for years she was illegal and was fired after whitman decided to run for governor. our question of the day today, would you say it's a case of whitman exposed or housekeeper used as a pawn of politics?
5:54 am
send us your answers to or you can post your answers on our facebook page. we're also on twitter. time now 5:54. time for a check of traffic and weather. how's the commute looking, elizabeth? >> let's go to pleasanton. this is a serious injury accident. westbound 580 on the approach to tassajara. you can see how slow it's getting. two right lanes are blocked. a pickup truck is on its side, smoke and flames were seen from the vehicle, as well. so chp and an ambulance are both heading to the scene. the drive may even be trapped inside that vehicle. in the meantime it is starting
5:55 am
to get slow all the way out to livermore. it is slow in the area approaching the dublin interchange. drive time growing there, as well. 20 minutes now from the altamont pass where we are seeing a few brake lights here as well to 680 and the dublin interchange. looks like that can take a while to clear if indeed that's a serious injury crash. let's go out to vallejo where we still have one lane blocked for clean-up. traffic is able to get by only in the right lane of westbound highway 37. we have been trying to clean up after a big rig lost its load of cable. some traffic alert is still in effect and it is still slow in the area so you may want to use american canyon as your alternate in the meantime. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. the forecast today will include cooler conditions especially inland and for the morning, got fog out there.
5:56 am
a little drizzly, too. conditions for the afternoon mid-60s along the coast, 70s around the bay and inland today you are going to feel it. lower 90s. cooling down friday, saturday and sunday into monday. by tuesday and wednesday take a look. temperatures are rebounding.
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